Magnesite Industrial Complex puts Martinite aggregation production line in commission

20 February 2006 (12:46)

The first segment of Martinite aggregation production line designed for balancing and commissioning was launched after the tubular carrier chains and aspiration systems had been installed at Magnesite Industrial Complex.

As Magnesite Group representative explains, the aggregation will be produced on a large scale starting April. The special production line will allow to increase the aggregation output from 3,600 to 12,000 tons annually, with 4.500 tons produced in 2006. The line construction is part of the Investment Program for 2005 and cost 80 million RUR. Additional equipment was installed in magnesite powder shop № 2 as well. The project is expected to pay off in 2.8 years.

Martinite aggregation is used in lining and repair pf bottoms and dam faces of open-hearth furnaces and electroarc steel-smelting furnaces. The are estimated to significantly reduce the material consumption compared to periclase powders. They are highly durable and prolong the furnace operation period, that is why the demand for them is increasing.

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