Magnesite Industrial Complex increases its magnesite powder production

7 March 2006 (10:52)

As the spokesperson for Magnesite Group said to UrBC representative, the Complex has been dealing in ferrous magnesia flux production, and the output has been increasing regularly (112,4 tons in 2002 turning to 6,000 tons in 2006). Since the grainy caustic magnesite and the magnesia flux are in greatest demand at the moment, the Complex is going to heavily invest in the reconstruction of the roller furnace that has been idle for eight years.

The company’s grinding factory is its largest department with 600 employees that fully provides the technological shops with ground and fortified magnesite. Due to the introduction of new kinds of produce (furnace dolomite and siderite), the new method of delivery was introduced at the factory. The factory’s unique equipment is its freight aerial ropeways that stretch for 2.5 kilometers and trolleys with the capacity of 1.5 tons. The ropeways are the environmentally and otherwise safe means of transportation.

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