IGN Rt of Hungary to set up gas plant production with 0.5 to 1 megawatt capacity in Sverdlovsk Region

IGN Rt, a Hungarian enterprise, is about to set up a joint venture for assembling oil-electrical engines and gas plants with 0.5 to 1 megawatt capacity with Energan-Ural Ltd.

As Energan-Ural GD Alexei Morosov explains, these will be Russian power units that will be used in the assembling process, including the units produced by Ural Diesel Engine Works, with generators and automated machinery supplied by the leading foreign makers. It is, however, in the company’s plans to replace all the foreign accessories by their locally made counterparts.

IGN Rt GD Robert haraika says that the decision to invest in the power equipment assembling business in the Mid-Urals was facilitated by the fact that quite a few metal- and accessory-supplying companies with skilled employees and brain power are located within the area. Sverdlovsk Region is also known for good buying record in terms of power machinery.

IGN Rt is also thinking of acquiring one of the regional enterprises to provide room for assembling oil-electrical engines and gas plants.

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