Ural Turbine Works to reconstruct second unit of Solikamskbumprom JSC Heat Power Plant

5 June 2006 (14:00)

‘During the celebrations of the first unit reconstruction completion of Heat Power Plant No. 12, President of Solikamskbumprom JSC V.I. Baranov declared that the second unit reconstruction will be carried out by the same team that had earlier reconstructed the first unit. The team is made up of qualified professionals of Ural Turbine Works, member of RENOVA Group,’ PR-department of Ural Turbine Works CJSC reported.

‘The decision of Solikamskbumprom top-management is connected with the fact that Ural Turbine Works manufactured a new condensing exhaust turbine K-17 for the heat power plant within 8 months instead of the scheduled 12 months,’ – PR-department of Ural Turbine Works CJSC indicated.

Within the two years of the first unit reconstruction, not only was a condensing electricity production cycle (including the new turbine, a cooler, a pumping facility and water reuse lines) implemented, but also the capacity of one of the operating turbines was also multiplied by 2.4. So, due to the reconstruction, the installed electricity generating capacity of the heat power plant supplying Solikamskbumprom and some parts of Solikamsk city with electricity increased by 52 megawatt and reached the point of 144.7 megawatt.

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