EVRAZ ZSMK Launches Continuous Temperature-Measuring Unit

8 April 2020 (09:12)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 8, 2020. EVRAZ Holding’s West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ ZSMK) launched CoreTemp, an appliance for continuous measurement of temperature in an electric arc furnace, EVRAZ Holding Ural’s Corporate Communications Center reports.

The technology helps prevent metal from overheating, reduce the smelting time, and cut down on the unit consumption of electric power and electrodes. The launch of the new appliance is estimated to save the company RUB 42 million a year.

Prior to the launch of the new unit, the steel-smelting operators used to measure the temperature of melted steel with the help of a special measuring probe attached to a mechanic arm. The method only allowed for a second measurement after a forty-second interval, during which time the steel could get overheated.

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