Yekaterinburg: District Akademicheskiy Claps for Doctors Fighting COVID-19

7 April 2020 (09:02)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 7, 2020. Residents of Yekaterinburg’s District Akademicheskiy supported the doctors and nurses fighting the spread of COVID-19 with a special round of applause last weekend, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s press service reports.

‘At the end of last week, District Akademicheskiy activists started exchanging personal and group messages, calling for support of medical workers. The locals can’t actually get together because of the self-isolation regulations, so it was decided to cheer the doctors with thank-yous shouted from balconies and out of windows at a certain hour,’ the press service says.

The video of the event hit the social media, and quite a few doctors and nurses who either saw the ovation live or on the Internet, during their shifts, were touched to tears.

The representatives of District Akademicheskiy’s housing developer and utilities management company supported the event as well.

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