Yekaterinburg: ER Station to Open in District Akademicheskiy

1 October 2019 (09:27)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 1, 2019. A new ER station will open in Yekaterinburg’s District Akademicheskiy on October 1, the town council’s Information Policy Department reports.

The ER opens on the day the district is going to celebrate yet another anniversary. Sverdlovsk Region Government officials, members of the town council, and representatives of the construction business Renova Group have all been invited to attend the opening ceremony.

‘Sverdlovsk Region Government purchased the new building from Renova Group and handed it over to Yekaterinburg ER free of charge. This is the first such case of interdepartmental collaboration in the healthcare sector in Yekaterinburg,’ the Department says.

Five medical teams (three GP ones, one pediatric one, and one critical care one) will now be there for first aid and emergency care in the district. The teams are staffed by experienced ambulance/ER professionals (61 doctors and 39 drivers all in all). In the future, as the number of local residents goes up, more teams might get introduced in the area.

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