Sverdlovsk Region: RUB 27,000 Left A Month After Rent

25 February 2020 (11:20)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 25, 2020. did a research comparing average monthly earnings and rental prices of studio apartments in various parts of Russia and in the country on the whole.

It turns out the country’s average rental price for a studio apartment comes to RUB 14,970 a month (32% of an average monthly income), which means that, after the rent gets paid, the households have RUB 31,315 per month on average to live on.

‘People living in Magadan Region will have the largest post-rent income: RUB 83,395, with the rental prices at RUB 23,000 (22% of an average monthly income). Those living in Dagestan will have the smallest disposable income left: RUB 13,645, with the rental prices at RUB 13,000 (49% of average monthly earnings),’ states.

Sverdlovsk Region came No. 30 in the national rating; the rent for a studio apartment comes to RUB 14,000 on average; the average monthly earnings come to RUB 41,155, the difference thus being RUB 27,155.

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