OOO FORES Holds Branch Staff Meetings

6 February 2020 (09:09)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 6, 2020. The staff representatives (known as work collective councils) of OOO FORES’s four branches met in Kuryi on February 4, the company’s press service reports.

Chair of Sukhoi Log council Zhanna Russkikh spoke about the new amendments to the plant’s collective agreement that had been proposed by the workers themselves. For one, parents of school-starters used their one-extra-day-of-paid-leave option on September 1. Additionally, the branch now offers more financial aid programs and has managed to improve its drinking water supply for the employees.

Chair of Asbest council Anatoly Lyapustin stressed the ‘constructive nature of staff-management relations. The plant’s management is happy to get involved in the council’s meetings and responds with relevant actions to the council’s expedient proposals.’

According to Chair of Kuryi Council Anastasia Volozhanina, the supply-and-exhaust ventilation system has been renovated upon the employees’ request. Following the council’s proposal, meal subsidies were introduced for the railway department’s sling operators. The food served at the plant canteen is now also better; the workers are also asking for a more varied menu.

Chair of Kamensk-Uralsky council Evgeny Matsal said they didn’t really have any ‘fundamental’ issues or considerable labor disputes to work on. According to Matsal, their railway depot now has renovated changing rooms and showers. There’s the paid swimming pool option now, just like in Asbest and Sukhoi Log branches, so the goal is to introduce a gym option as well.

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