MegaFon Launches Digital Lawyer for Businesses

30 January 2020 (09:08)

UrBC, Moscow, January 30, 2020. The telecom company MegaFon launched its new Digital Lawyer Package: thanks to a neuronet and the optical character recognition technology, human employees will be spared the often-performed (and unexciting) issues, and the Russian companies’ personnel’s productive office time will thus increase by up to 70%.

MegaFon’s press service says the new service is mostly aimed at lawyers and accountants wishing to spend less time doing routine tasks.

‘The package was designed in cooperation with our tech partner Nlogic. The package comprises three products to enhance the efficiency of a large business’s back office and to optimize the legal, operating, and accounting processes,’ the company says.

Paperwork Construction Kit is a neuron chat bot operating within a web interface. The bot interacts with the user to collect the necessary data and produce a ready document.

Legal Platform is used to process typical incoming paperwork and to produce automatic replies based on the incoming query; this could be a response to some inquiry from the authorities, to a customer complaint, or to a court claim.

Source Documents Recognition System will help an accountant to feed data from invoices and similar documentation into 1C, SAP, and other programs up to six times faster. You only need to scan the paperwork for the system to process them; you do have to proofread the data.

‘Digital Lawyer is perfect for businesses with large amounts of standardized legal and accounting routines. The package helps automate the process, increase labor productivity, and cut costs,’ MegaFon’s press service says.

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