Brusnika Commissions 3d Building in Sukhodolsky Quarter in Yekaterinburg

19 December 2019 (09:14)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 19, 2019. The housing developer Brusnika commissioned the third building in Sukhodolsky Quarter in Yekaterinburg ahead of schedule. The commissioning was originally shifted from the last quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2020, but the developer managed to complete everything in December 2019 and is ready to welcome the new home owners as soon as this week.

‘Our customers can move in one year earlier; under the terms of the contract, the keys must be handed over to the owners within ninety days of the commissioning certificate,’ Brusnika’s press service says.

Apartment Building 3 in Sukhodolsky Quarter is located within a set of buildings 5-16 stories high, with an inside patio and commercial estate around the perimeter. There are 330 apartments for some 900 dwellers all in all. There’s a number of new architectural solutions to be found: pass-through apartments with a separate entrance from the outside and access to the terrace overlooking the inside patio; duplex apartments with terraces on the first floor; and duplex apartments on the last floors.

The apartments also have large master bedrooms with a master bathroom, spacious kitchen/living room areas, a range of summer-specific spaces, laundry rooms, and walk-in closets. There are large storage rooms for baby prams and bicycles on the first floor, to which only the home owners have the keys.

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