NEYVA Bank Cardholders Can Earn Interest More Easily

2 December 2019 (17:03)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 2, 2019. NEYVA Bank made it easier for its Visa cardholders to earn interest on their account balance as well as on their card transactions: according to the bank's press service, they now account for every transaction on the very day the purchase was made.

'Our more proactive card users are aware of the fact that sometimes the purchases you pay for by card can only get accounted for in your account balance on a later day and not on the day of purchase. This has to do with the way VISA operates and with the system's own regulations. This means that, if you make a purchase at the end of the month, the billing will only get through next month. Now our customers don't need to worry about the end-of-the-month transactions and about their interest. Starting November, every single purchase you have made in a particular month will get accounted for, even if the payment only goes through next month. This means the interest you earn in your account balance becomes highly predictable and easily tracked,' the bank's press service says.

According to NEYVA Bank, you earn a monthly interest if your account balance stays above RUB 10,000 and if you make at least RUB 10,000 worth of purchases a month.

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