MegaFon: 30% Cashback on Telecom Services

10 October 2019 (09:15)

UrBC, Moscow, October 10, 2019. MegaFon now offers its loyal customers a larger cashback amount: the longer you telecom with MegaFon, the more bonuses you get paid back into your account.

According to the company’s press service, the maximum cashback amount (30%) is offered on MegaFon’s latest payment plans. A third of your monthly payment and roaming fees goes back to your account if you keep using one and the same mobile phone number for two years or longer.

10% cashback options are offered to those who have just switched to MegaFon and have been using the company’s services for under three month; the amount goes up to 15% between your 6th and 12th months with the company and then to 25% between your 13th and 24th months with MegaFon.

‘The cashback percentage calculations are based on the date you sign the contract with MegaFon and not the date you switch to a new payment plan. So, if you switched between plans, the company still has your user record in order. If you have been using MegaFon’s services for over two years (which is the case with me, for example), you get 30% cashback on your monthly payment and your international roaming fees,’ says Alexei Boyko of MForum Analytics.

The cashback bonus can get used to pay for local, inter-network, and long-distance calls, text messages, social network traffic, messenger traffic, and YouTube as well as to buy books, movies, and music tracks on the apps or to buy gadgets at MegaFon’s offline and online stores. There are about twenty items to choose from.

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