MegaFon: No More Fees for Money Transfers to MTS Customers

UrBC, Moscow, September 21, 2018. MegaFon and MTS will no longer charge their customers for transferring money between their respective mobile number accounts. All you need in order to transfer money from an MTS number to a MegaFon one (or vice versa) is to have the number itself; moreover, the money received in your mobile number account can get spent either on telecommunication services or on anything else, MegaFon’s press service reports.

‘It happens quite often that when someone wants to transfer a bit of money they need to find out what bank the other person is using, enter lengthy account details, or pay a commission. MegaFon and MTS are offering our customers a convenient, cost-effective, and secure way of sending money that allows you to transfer money from one account to another at no extra charge. I’m confident this is a unique case in the industry at the moment: two competitors become partners for the sake of new opportunities and their customers’ benefit,’ says MegaFon’s New Business & Partnerships Director Ian Kukhalsky.

MegaFon and MTS are offering their customers a wide range of payment interfaces to choose from, with zero commission starting from September 17. These are the website, a MegaFon subscriber’s personal online account, text messaging (#ńóěěŕ), USSD code (*133#), and MegaFon.Bank mobile app as well as, MTS Dengi mobile app, text messaging (#ďĺđĺâîä), and USSD code (*115#).

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