EVRAZ Works on New, Safer Mining Technology in Tuva

12 September 2019 (09:09)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 12, 2019. The new STRATA Hazard Avert system got launched at EVRAZ Holding’s Mezhegeyugol Mine in Tuva to alert the miners if they enter a dangerous spot and to lock their combine vehicle down, EVRAZ Raspadskaya Coal Company’s press service reports.

HazardAvert®’s primary component — a field Generator that creates an electromagnetic marker field — gets mounted directly onto the combine vehicle and produces electromagnetic signals to alert the miners to potentially hazardous areas. The miners have to wear a Personal-Alarm Device (PAD) upon entering the work area so as to remain aware of the signals. Getting close to a hazardous area gets followed by both an audible and visual warning alert, and the system will also stop the machine automatically inside an emergency zone.

‘This is one of the most advanced global developments in the mining safety segment. Similar technologies are also used in mines across the U.S. and Australia; they have also proven quite efficient throughout the trial runs at Mezhegeyugol,’ the company says.

One of the company’s five combines already has the system installed on it; the four remaining machines will get fitted in the nearest future. Besides, a new mining combine will arrive at Mezhegeyugol Mine in September, with pre-installed HazardAvert® already there. Additionally, EVRAZ Holding’s other mining companies are gradually getting lockdown systems installed within their drifting faces.

‘All this helps prevent accidents and make the miners’ work safer,’ the company’s press service says.

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