SKB-Bank Tests QR Code Payments

6 September 2019 (09:12)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 6, 2019. SKB-Bank is one of Russia’s first banks to be testing the QR code payment option, the bank’s press service reports.

The option is part of the bank’s Faster Payments System (FPS) and got launched in an experimental mode on August 30, 2019.

‘SKB-Bank is now laying the foundation for Russia’s new financial ecosystem; in fact, the bank keeps introducing breakthrough technologies on an ongoing basis. The QR payment option has already been designed by SKB-Bank, tested and certified by the national payment card system, and piloted to the bank’s customers,’ the press service says.

According to Director at SKB-Bank’s Design Office Vitaly Kopysov, the QR-friendly acquiring options will also be available to DeloBank customers (the online bank for businesses).

‘All our private customers will naturally be able to make QR code payments online as well. The tellers at our Yekaterinburg HQ are already using the new QR-friendly terminal, and a few selected customers have been able to try the service out in a trial mode,’ Kopysov says.

The new service is very easy to use: all you have to do is download SKB-Bank’s mobile app on your smartphone and make sure you have Internet access when you need to make the payment. It only takes a few clicks to make the QR code payment: you log into the app, select Money Transfer and QR Code Payment, scan the product’s QR code with your smartphone and confirm the transaction. You’re all set! The app works with both dynamic/static QR codes that are generated at the POS/printed on the price tag, respectively.

‘The QR code payments are a very convenient option for the customer: you can pay from your smartphone, so there’s no need to carry your plastic around with you. The service is free to use for private customers, just as is the case with a card. DeloKassa customers (businesses, that is) will find this option much cheaper than the standard acquiring procedure: a business typically pays 1.8% to 2.2% of the transaction amount on average, whereas the commission on a FPS transaction only comes to 0.2%-0.7%,’ says DeloBank’s Online Cash Desk & Acquiring Director Denis Dyakonov.

The QR code payment options will soon become available to all of SKB-Bank’s customers.

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