SKB-Bank Presents FPS in Moscow

16 December 2019 (09:11)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 16, 2019. SKB-Bank presented its Faster Payments System services at a tech conference in Moscow this week.

According to the bank’s press service, the conference participants and visitors to the event could see for themselves how SKB-Bank’s DeloKassa processes dynamic QR code payments and payment cancellations/refunds and check out the bank’s mobile app for QR code-enabled C2C transfers and C2B payments as well.

‘SKB-Bank is currently Russia’s only bank to offer its customers a full-fledged QR code-enabled C2B payment/refund option and an ‘instant account’ option for C2B payments in e-commerce and for putting money into your brokerage account from your broker’s app,’ says Innovations Director at SKB-Bank Vitaly Kopysov.

In February 2019, SKB-Bank became one of the first Russian banks to join the Faster Payments System (FPS) and was Russia’s first bank to introduce QR code payments in August of the same year.

‘The bank will keep on aspiring for leadership on the FPS market and will keep on piloting and launching new payment options in order to offer more and better opportunities to businesses and private customers,’ Kopysov says.

Over 55,000 transfers have been made within the banking group to which SKB-Bank and GazEnergoBank belong since the two joined the FPS.

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