FORES To Assess Working Conditions in 2020

5 September 2019 (09:04)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 5, 2019. OOO FORES intends to do a special-purpose evaluation of working conditions at the plant in 2020, the company’s press service refers to Job Safety & Industrial Safety Director Nikolai Shedlovsky as saying.

‘An assessment must take place every five years at least, in order to determine whether there are any harmful or hazardous production factors at work. This is a long-term program; as FORES operates several plants, the special-purpose evaluation procedure got launched in 2015 and continued in 2016. This means the five-year mark for the next evaluation procedure is 2020,’ the press service quotes Nikolai Shedlovsky as stating.

According to Shedlovsky, the evaluation results in the decisions as to how the workers can get protected against the negative factors affecting them at work.

‘For example, headphones or earplugs could serve as means of hearing protection. We could also introduce more breaks so as to reduce the time spent on the site where certain harmful factors may be affecting the workers,’ Shedlovsky says.

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