FORES Reduces On-Site Noise

22 July 2019 (08:59)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 22, 2019. OOO FORES and Job Safety Research Institute (NII OT) completed the first stage of their long-term joint project to reduce on-site noise in the company’s Sukhoi Log branch, FORES’s press service reports.

‘We started collaborating with the company eighteen months ago. We inspected production sites first, making noise level measurements both directly next to the mills and in the entire production shop,’ says the institute’s Deputy Director for Research Stanislav Belinsky.

FORES representatives say a number of perforated plates got installed at Line 5 of their Sukhoi Log subsidiary to absorb the noise produced by their wet-grinding mills. The perforations are meant to break a sound wave into smaller sections; slag wool was used as the absorbing agent.

Once the noise-absorbing appliances have been set in place, NII OT experts took noise level measurements again. Based on their sensors’ information, the panels produced an 8-9 dB drop in the noise level.

According to FORES’s Deputy Executive Director for Job Safety & Industrial Safety Nikolai Shedlovsky, the company is one of the few businesses in Sverdlovsk Region taking a scientific approach to the noise issue. FORES’s positive experience might prove useful to other Russian industrial enterprises as well.

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