TekhnoKeramika: Line 4 Grows 1.5 Times More Productive

16 August 2019 (09:11)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 16, 2019. OOO FORES’s partner enterprise TekhnoKeramika intends to increase the output of Production Line 4 to 90,000 kg of produce per shift, FORES’s press service refers to the company’s Senior Engineer Petr Maleyev as stating.

‘As the plant is less busy with the pelletizing segment right now, we focused on reconstructing Line 4 in order to bring its productivity from the current 50,000 to 60,000 kg of produce per shift up to 90,000 kg. The plan is to complete everything in two months and to do everything on our own, without any outside help,’ Maleyev says.

According to Maleyev, the plant’s ready goods department is undergoing upgrades as well.

‘As for the thermal treatment of our produce, the goal is to increase the furnace productivity to suit our production needs. The plan is to have one working furnace and one reserve one in case the primary furnace needs to get repaired or in case we need to help our partners with the thermal treatment of their items,’ Maleyev says.

TekhnoKeramika is located in Shadrinsk, Sverdlovsk Region. The plant makes propping agents (ceramic splitters for oil wells which make the oil extraction process more efficient).

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