FORES: Chrysotile Concentration in Shadrinsk Stays Within Required Standards

17 July 2019 (11:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 17, 2019. The concentration of chrysotile fibers in the soil next to FORES’s Tekhnokeramika in Shadrinsk, Sverdlovsk Region, stays well below the existing normative requirements, NIIProyektAsbest Asbestos Environmental Problems Center’s authorized lab’s test findings indicate.

According to FORES’s press service, the testing of the samples was part of the extended environmental monitoring procedure that Tekhnokeramika is doing this year. The lab took the necessary samples on the outer end of the sanitary protection area next to the apartment building at 68 Avtomobilistov St and the building at 11 Promyshlennaya St on July 3-5.

‘The tests confirmed that there’s no cause for concern: not only is the current chrysotile concentration below the maximum permissible discharge limit, but it is actually a few thousand times lower. The test result is the same as the one the lab obtained in Shadrinsk last year and coincides fully with Rospotrebnadzor’s official announcements. The latter said in response to a public enquiry in June that FORES relied on the same technology as Tekhnokeramika and never used chrysotile in the production process,’ the press service says.

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