ChelPipe Group Hosts International Project School

13 August 2019 (09:22)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, August 13, 2019. Following ChelPipe Group’s shareholder Andrei Komarov’s initiative, Practices of The Future International Project School will be held at Yelanchik Children’s Camp on August 12-30. According to the Group’s press service, 150 talented school students from 27 different parts of Russia as well as Latvia, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan are taking part in the event.

The event gets coordinated by ChelPipe Group, Kruzhok Movement, and World ORT. For three weeks, the teen-aged school participants will be learning about the ways the urban environment and technological solutions affect culture and will be designing the living spaces of the future.

The school’s projects aim to shape the urban environment of smaller settlements and introduce digital technologies and AI to their infrastructure management facilities. Experts and students will work together on waste recycling solutions, energy-saving projects, and water supply systems. All the projects they come up with will have to evoke the Urals’ culture code in their design and make one think of art, development, mindfulness, frugality, and ChelPipe Group’s corporate philosophy known as White-Coated Metallurgy.

The school participants and field experts will elaborate a series of social, engineering, urban planning, and production solutions in Campus Town, Countryside College, and Eco-Settlement. In the future, their ideas might serve as a springboard for ChelPipe Group’s own projects.

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