150 Chelyabinsk Region Students Get Enrolled on ChelPipe Group’s Course

6 September 2018 (09:30)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, September 6, 2018. A solemn welcome ceremony for new students on ChelPipe Group’s Future of White-Coated Metallurgy Corporate Training Program took place in Chelyabinsk at the start of the school year.

According to the Group’s press service, this is the second year in a row this public-private partnership project has been implemented in the Southern Urals; the training program gets coordinated by Chelyabinsk Region Government, ChelPipe Group, and A.V. Yakovlev Chelyabinsk State Industrial/Humanities School. 150 school-leavers got enrolled this year.

This second class of new students applied for five different blue-collar job qualifications at A.V. Yakovlev Chelyabinsk State Industrial/Humanities School. 204 candidates competed for the 150 openings available. Welding proved the most popular qualification, with nearly two applicants per opening. Metal Treatment Under Pressure was the next most popular one, with forty applicants per twenty-five openings.

The dual education project was first launched in the Mid-Urals in 2011. The following seven years resulted in 677 program alumni, 70% of whom are now employed at ChelPipe Group’s ‘white-coated metallurgy’ enterprises. Over 1,300 future metallurgical workers are now learning on the program in two Russian federal constituencies.

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