MMK’s MAGSTRONG Steels Win Gold Medal at Mining Fair

18 June 2019 (09:27)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, June 18, 2019. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) heavy-duty, wear-resistant MAGSTRONG steels won a certificate and a gold medal at the 26th International Trade Fair for Coal Mining Technology, Preparation and Materials Handling/UGOL ROSSII & MINING, MMK’s Information, PR & Advertising Department reports.

The contest committee awarded the company in Road-Building & Mining Appliances, Machines, & Mechanisms, Excavators, Loaders, Earth-Moving Equipment, & Surface Planing Machines. MMK’s innovative steels are used extensively for this equipment type.

‘MMK’s MAGSTRONG steels proved truly popular at UGOL ROSSII & MINING: using the steels for making various appliances expands the equipment’s lifespan, brings its overall weight down, and saves money greatly. Besides, these are import substitution steels, which also brings the customer’s costs down,’ the company says.

According to MMK, the highly durable and wear-resistant steel MAGSTRONG Н500 is particularly interesting. The plant started selling this steel variety last year. Thanks to its chemical composition and the thermal treatment technology used for making it, the steel is a perfectly balanced combination of maximum hardness and impact viscosity parameters, which makes it much more efficient than its foreign counterparts.

The steels’ improved performance parameters have meant that quite a few Russian coal, copper, gold, potassium salt, and phosphate mining enterprises and holdings have been able to switch from imported materials to Russian-made ones one hundred percent, or move from the older steel types to more hi tech varieties.

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