SverdNIIkhimmash to Supply Equipment to Siberian Chemical Combine

6 February 2019 (09:33)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 6, 2019. Rosatom’s Yekaterinburg-based member enterprise SverdNIIkhimmash and NCCP Engineering signed a contract to develop project documentation for; manufacture; deliver; and carry out supervised installation of the equipment for transuranian element re-extraction at Siberian Chemical Combine in Tomsk Region, SverdNIIkhimmash’s press service reports.

The equipment is scheduled to get delivered to customer at the start of 2020.

The set of equipment in question is meant for the treatment of liquid radioactive used decontamination fluids coming from the production/reproduction unit at Siberian Chemical Combine’s BREST OD 300 reactor facility-centered pilot demonstration unit. The fluids first get filtered with the help of the alkaline deposition method and then clarified with the help of membrane filters. There are also the hi tech suspension centrifuge unit, the micro-filtering unit, the residue drying/baking unit, and a number of other appliances that all comply with the nuclear safety regulations. The set is meant to treat 50 m3 of decontamination fluids a year.

‘This new contract results from SverdNIIkhimmash’s earlier large-scale programs to supply the equipment Siberian Chemical Combine needed: in 2018, we delivered the equipment for twelve sections of mixed-oxide fuel production lines as part of the Breakthrough Project. With this new order, we are going to rely on our ‘reference’ filtering, centrifuge, and waste treatment technologies,’ says the company’s Deputy DG and Manager for the Pilot Demonstration Facility Project Maxim Bazin.

Now Rosatom is using its member enterprise Siberian Chemical Combine’s premises and team to work on the Breakthrough Project: a new closed nuclear fuel cycle tech platform that can offer a solution to the spent fuel/radioactive nuclear waste treatment problem.

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