SverdNIIkhimmash Supplies Equipment for Breakthrough Project

4 August 2017 (14:36)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 4, 2017. Rosatom’s SverdNIIkhimmash supplied unique equipment for the uranium-plutonium mixed nitride fuel production lines’ carbothermic synthesis unit within the framework of the Breakthrough Project, the company press service reports.

The equipment is part of the facility meant for making fuel rod arrays at Siberian Chemical Plant’s experimental site in Seversk, Tomsk Region.

‘The company developed the technical specifications for the equipment and then made it and had it delivered onto the carbothermic synthesis site. The site now comprises six high-temperature furnaces, boxes, chambers, transportation network, and the accompanying infrastructure. The equipment is suited for carbothermic synthesis of uranium and plutonium nitrides from respective oxides and carbon. The entire unit is fully automated and has been fitted with blocking appliances to ensure nuclear safety during maintenance and repairs,’ the press service says.

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