MMK Group Keeps Training Trade Union Leaders

18 December 2018 (09:36)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, December 18, 2018. 528 trade-union group organizers underwent trade union training since MMK Group’s learning initiative took off at the beginning of the year. 149 more people will take classes in the nearest future, MMK’s Information, PR & Advertising Department reports.

‘This is a one-day course that the students’ employer fully pays for, thanks to an agreement the trade union reached with MMK through a series of negotiations. The eight-hour program is quite tightly packed, as the trade-union group organizers have to update their expertise in the field of a company’s charter, collective agreements, and Labor Code. They also have to learn about the new ways a trade union now functions and about the software and apps that are essential to a trade union operation these days. There is also a focus on job safety (and how a trade union is expected to control it) and the use of membership fees,’ the Department says.

Several groups of students will get trained before the end of the year, so the overall number for 2018 will come to 700 people. This means that nearly 90% of trade-union group organizers will have undergone professional retraining by December 31.

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