MMK To Direct RUR 57 To Planting Trees in Magnitogorsk

16 November 2018 (09:47)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, November 16, 2018. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) and Magnitogorsk Council keep working together to plant more trees and shrubs in town; the investments are estimated at RUR 57m.

According to MMK’s Information & PR Department, 10,500 young trees and shrubs will get planted in the next six years.

The program to introduce more greenery in Magnitogorsk with MMK’s funds in 2018-2023 has been elaborated this year and approved of by MMK’s Director-General Pavel Shilyayev and Mayor of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov.

The plant is already contributing to tree-planting next to the Eternal Flame Memorial, where 75 Siberian spruce trees, 25 larches, 90 birches, 35 Norway maples, and 100 rowan-trees got planted in the fall. 300 lime trees, 100 birch trees, and 200 Siberian spruce trees will also get planted on social infrastructure facilities in November, as well as 500 more fir trees alongside roads and in the streets.

The tree-planting is being done by a specialized contractor from Yekaterinburg, with the young trees coming from the nurseries in Kazan and Perm. The trees will be watered and taken proper care of during the year, and some plants will get replaced if necessary. MMK will also fund the watering of trees for two more years in addition to the warranty period.

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