MMK Launches New Tippler

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, February 1, 2018. A new Railcar Tippler 5 got launched at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Sintering Mix Processing Department 2, the company press service reports.

‘The raw materials will get loaded from the tippler directly onto Sintering Plant 5 (currently under construction), which means we won’t have to use an excavator to load/unload the stuffs into and out of a transfer railcar. This also means we’ll be able to handle much more raw stuffs than before,’ the press service says.

The new railcar tippler’s capacity is estimated at 20 railcars per hour. The upcoming sintering plant’s capacity is estimated at 16,500,000 kg of sintered ore a day (out of 17,000,000 kg of charging material). Most of this charging material (11,600,000 kg) will come from Railcar Tippler 5.

MMK miners will thus enjoy additional unloading facilities and more flexibility in raw stuffs supplies. The tippler will only be used at Sintering Mix Processing Department 2 until Sintering Plant 5 has been commissioned.

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