Yekaterinburg: Akademicheskiy Turns 9

3 October 2018 (09:21)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 3, 2018. Yekaterinburg’s District Akademicheskiy got founded nine years ago on September 30.

The celebrations involved a traditional show and a large-scale willow tree planting session that took place along the boulevard between Quarter 0 and Preobrazhensky Park (from Wilhelm de Gennin St to Anatoly Mekhrentsev St). According to, the newly planted trees are specimens of crack willow (Sálix fragílis) 2 to 2.5 meters tall. The tree alley will get extended all the way to Chkalov St in the future.

In addition to this, Preobrazhensky Park’s landscape now looks more interesting with a new sculpture piece: Reindeer, mounted on a stone foundation. The artwork can be seen from almost any spot within Preobrazhensky Quarter, as it is located in the highest section of the park so far.

The district developer RSG-Akademicheskoye’s Chair of the BOD Viktor Kisselev, RSG-Akademicheskoye’s Member of the BOD and Director-General Viktor Krivoshein, and Yekaterinburg Duma deputy and Dean of Children’s Clinic 1 Sergey Boyarsky all came to congratulate the visitors to the show and the planting session on the special date.

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