Yekaterinburg: District Akademicheskiy Keeps Expanding

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 23, 2018. A new stage begins in Yekaterinburg’s District Akademicheskiy, as builders started working on a unique new quarter in Ryabinin St-Akademik Sakharov St-Wilhelm de Gennin St-Timofeyev-Resovsky St, KORTROS Group’s RSG-Akademicheskoye reports.

According to RSG-Akademicheskoye’s Director-General Viktor Krivoshein, the new ‘embankment quarter’ will represent a totally new level or urban and architectural solutions. At the heart of the new block will be a pedestrian area on the River Patrushikha. The embankment is meant to connect the new section with Preobrazhensky Park and the would-be administrative office.

Architects focused specifically on landscape design to create a unique skyline for the entire area. Annunciation Temple, the area’s central landmark and pièce de résistance, can be seen nearby.

Viktor Krivoshein pointed out that the ‘embankment quarter’ will have apartment buildings seven to twenty-five storeys high to ensure free and comfortable living space.

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