Russian Railways To Pay RUR 100,000 in Traffic Safety Fines

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 29, 2018. Russian Railways have to pay a 100,000-ruble fine for traffic safety violations in Yekaterinburg once again, Sverdlovsk Region Court’s press service reports.

Rostechnadzor’s recent inspection of the company’s local facilities revealed quite a few cases of non-compliance related to shortage of the necessary tech equipment and an insufficient number of safety/entry checkpoints. It was also determined that even the individuals who failed to meet the traffic/transport safety access requirements were still allowed to enter Russian Railways’ restricted premises.

An administrative offense warrant was issued following the inspection, so the company will now have to pay RUR 100,000 in fines for violating Paragraphs 35 and 38 in Part 5 of the Traffic Safety Requirements once again.

Russian Railways appealed against the ruling through Sverdlovsk Region Court, but the latter supported the original court’s ruling as fair and legally grounded.

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