MMK to Direct RUR 8m to Children’s Festival

27 August 2018 (09:29)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, August 27, 2018. MMK Group-run and -sponsored Metallurg Charity Foundation coordinated a meeting to discuss the upcoming School Start Day in Magnitogorsk, MMK press service reports.

The meeting was attended by heads of local children’s clubs and schools, Head of Magnitogorsk Social Welfare Department Irina Mikhailenko, Head of Magnitogorsk Education Department Natalya Safonova, members of Metallurg’s Board, and a number of sponsors.

MMK allocated more than RUR 145 for its multi-aspect children’s support project in the seven months of 2018; School Start Day celebrations are usually coordinated as part of this project. In addition to festive events, the money gets directed to charity support of extracurricular activities organizations, family-promoting initiatives, maternity/infant care programs, social support of larger families with many children, and helping state-run social establishments and live-in schools for special-needs children and children’s clinics in Magnitogorsk.

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