FGC UES Repairs Transformer Unit at Substation in Yamal

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 11, 2018. Rosset’s Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems completed its overhaul of the 63 MVA power transformer unit at 220-kilowatt Pangoda Substation in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District.

According to FGC UES’s Western Siberia branch, the unit’s stable performance is crucial to the power supply to Gazprom’s oil and gas deposits in the north and to end users in Nadym and Pangoda.

‘The repairs involved a series of high-voltage tests, a check of the transformer unit’s active parts and the cooling system, replacing the rubber seals and fittings, a check of switching appliances, and surge tank upgrades. The substation also has new control and measuring gear now. Timely upgrades increase the equipment’s lifespan and reduce the risk of network emergencies, which, in turn, ensures stable power supply to our end users,’ the company says.

Pangoda Power Substation (transformer capacity: 188 MVA) was launched in 1984.

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