Nathalie Tours Cancels All Prepaid Flights, Tours

5 July 2018 (09:13)

UrBC, Moscow, July 5, 2018. Nathalie Tours had to cancel all of the already booked and prepaid tours due to financial troubles, the tour operator’s Director-General Vladimir Vorobiev announced during a broadcast on Echo of Moscow.

‘There is this problem that the negative publicity has been affecting our ability to meet our contractual obligations, so our partners are all refusing their services to the company. We do not see any other way out but to have all our contracts annulled,’ he said.

Vorobiev explained the publicity in question is ‘the information circulating on the market, including the information the company released regarding its state of affairs.’

He added that Nathalie Tours would hold a special meeting to discuss its current problems.

‘We cannot offer our services to tourists in the near future because we have no control over our partners. So we have to annul all the tours that have already been booked. We’ll have to decide what we’ll be doing next within the next twenty-four hours,’ he said.

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