Palma-Tours not likely to find partners, Vadim Viner claims

24 November 2009 (14:10)

‘I’m not sure the reopening of Palma-Tours’ office in Pushkin St can actually be taken seriously. I think I’ll wait till the unhappy customers have placed their complaints and then see what conclusions can be made,’ President of Sverdlovsk Region Information and Tourism Center Vadim Viner said to UrBC.

The notorious tour operator that used to offer its services to dwellers of Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Tyumen Regions and Knanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous Region had earlier claimed to have gone out of business. The company’s offices closed down about a week ago. However, one of its Yekaterinburg-based offices resumed operating on November 23, 2009, even though the company’s website still cannot be accessed.

‘To tell the truth, Palma-Tours has let down very many tour operators, including Pegas Touristik and Natalie Tours. This is why the company might be faced with serious difficulties when booking its trips. I don’t think any tour operator will ever want to do business with Palma-Tours ever again,’ Viner maintained.

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