Trips to Turkey get cancelled

26 November 2015 (15:48)

UrBC, Moscow, November 26, 2015. Tour operators are already cancelling bookings for Turkey. For one, Nathalie Tours is no longer selling any tours there, company president Vladimir Vorobiev told TASS. The management feels that the current political situation ‘might turn into the worst case scenario’.

Biblio Globus also announced in a press release that no trips to Turkey were offered starting from November 24. Starting November 25, Pegas Touristik and Tez Tour will follow suit.

In the meantime, Tez Tour’s last group of tourists for this year is expected to fly back home (that is, from Turkey to Russia) on November 29, whereupon the operator’s Turkish season will be over, with no Tez Tour customers staying on in the country.

Rostourism suggests that Russian tour operators and travel agents stop selling package tours to Turkey (or any other Turkey-related services, for that matter, including those involving third countries) for the time being.

It is also reported that Russian customers are entitled to a full reimbursement on their cancelled Turkish trips since both Rostourism and Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry advise against visiting a country for reasons of safety.

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