Ural Federal District: Locals’ Daily Spending Down 4%

15 November 2019 (09:14)

UrBC, Moscow, November 15, 2019. Russians’ daily spending increased by 3.6% in October 2019 against one month earlier, Romir Holding’s research findings indicate.

‘The increase in spending is a usual trend for October, even though the tendency proved less pronounced this year. The rising expenses have to do with getting ready for the winter, and this year the winter is taking its time in coming,’ says President at Romir Holding Andrei Milyokhin.

The spending figures rose in nearly every single constituency except Ural Federal District.

‘In Ural Federal District, locals’ daily spending dropped by 4% in the course of one month. Russians living in the central parts of the country spent 10% more than one month earlier, and figures for Central Federal District usually affect the overall spending index the strongest. Russians based in the Far East and in Northern Federal District increased their spending the most (+21% and +11%, respectively), which drove the overall spending figures up. People’s spending also went up in North-Western Federal District and Volga Federal District (+5% and +5%, respectively) as well as in Southern Federal District and North-Caucasian Federal District (+1% and +1%, respectively). The moderate rise in spending in the latter cases has to do with the fact that the figures started going up as early as September and only kept increasing slowly in October. The same applies to the factors behind dropping spending figures in Ural Federal District,’ Romir says.

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