51% of Russians Feel Country Is In Crisis

6 June 2019 (09:27)

UrBC, Moscow, June 6, 2019. 51% of Russians who took part in a recent opinion survey believe the country is currently in a state of a financial crisis, Romir Holding’s research findings indicate.

’38% of respondents said they were aware of certain economic problems. Only 5% of those surveyed said the country was not struggling with any economic issues whatsoever. The majority (79%) said they defined a crisis as growing prices and inflation. Besides, the share of respondents whose salaries and wages shrank doubled from 21% to 42% in the last eighteen months. Every one in three people complains about the unstable ruble exchange rate,’ the holding says.

Rebalancing one’s budget so as to only spend money on groceries and the indispensable necessities proved the most popular way of getting by during economic trouble: every one in four respondents referred to this as their survival strategy.

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