MegaFon.Target Proves State Sector’s Bestseller

19 April 2018 (10:54)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 19, 2018. MegaFon.Target proved a particularly popular service with the state-run organizations in March, the telecommunications provider MegaFon’s press service reports.

‘Telecom analysts say March has been the ‘smartest’ month this year so far, with a record-setting number of ‘smart’ text messages sent to local users’ smartphones. State-run organizations and companies sent locals thirteen times more bespoke texts in the first spring month than one year earlier,’ the press service says.

Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, multi-service community centers, city clinics and public organizations are using ‘smart texting’ more actively than other businesses this year. Prior to sending a text message, their system adjusts for the receiver’s location, gender, age, and even online browsing patterns.

‘MegaFon.Target proved a true bestseller in the state-run sector last month. Only a third of our B2G customers relied on targets in the first quarter of 2017; a year later, as many as 64% of state-run customers prefer to use filters to reach their audience in as customized way as possible. For one, museums managed to raise their visitor traffic by 15% thanks to our geolocation target. Text messages inviting receivers to come to an exhibition got sent to smartphones positioned within airports and railway stations,’ says MegaFon Ural’s Director for Government Sector Business Development Evgeny Ivanov.

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