Yekaterinburg Arena to Need RUR 500m Following World Cup 2018

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 12, 2018. RUR 500m will have to get invested in reconstructing Yekaterinburg Arena by the time the upcoming World Football Championship 2018 is over, Russian Government’s draft Decree On World Football Championship Heritage Concept states.

The funds will be needed to dismantle the temporary spectator stands, to put up a media screen on the stadium, and to arrange some urban improvements.

‘The preliminary estimate of the costs involved done by Sverdlovsk Region comes to RUR 500m. This sum covers expenses related to design and survey work, among other things. Also, subsidies will be offered to the stadium’s management company in Yekaterinburg to help convert the facility from an active venue to a heritage one; the subsidies will be allocated from the constituency’s budget as well as (partially) from the federal budget in the form of inter-budgetary transfers,’ the draft decree states.

Yekaterinburg Arena will require over RUR 300m a year to maintain.

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