Multi-storey parking lots to be put up in place of temporary World Cup 2018 lots

September 19, 2013. Following the World Football Championship games of 2018, the Mundial heritage will have to be used for the city’s further development and for making the locals’ life more comfortable. This is how Yekaterinburg Council feels, and this viewpoint was taken into consideration by the Moscow designers when deciding on the final layout of the area around Yekaterinburg Central Stadium.

The city council’s press service says the amendments to the design documents proposed by the council will mean that modern. Multi-storey parking lots will be put up in place of the temporary flat ones that will be introduced for the championship period. Also, Lenin Avenue and the tramways along this street will be extended to Tatishchev St while keeping all the greenery around Central Stadium intact.

It should be noted that originally, designers from the Moscow-based Sport Engineering, the company that is working on the design documentation for Yekaterinburg’s primary sports arena for the World Cup 2018, only considered the comments from the FIFA.

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