FGC UES Asks for Safety Rules Compliance

30 March 2018 (09:27)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 30, 2018. Federal Grid Company United Energy System’s Western Siberia branch made a public announcement to remind the locals about the protected areas around their electric mains.

‘Protected areas are strips of land and air along both sides of the mains. This is 20 meters for 110-kilowatt mains, 25 meters for 220-kilowatt mains, and 30 meters for 500-kilowatt mains,’ the company explains.

Any activity within the protected areas must be coordinated with the company’s power engineers, be it construction jobs, repairs or demolition; mining, explosive, or reclamation jobs; planting or cutting down of trees and shrubs; and so on. Additionally, no large trucks or appliances that are more than 4.5 meters tall may enter the areas.

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