FCG UES Warns Against Trespassing

31 July 2017 (14:55)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 31, 2017. Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems’ West Siberian Electric Mains issued a warrant to warn against trespassing in the high-voltage areas, the company press service reports.

‘The high-voltage protective areas are the ground and the air next to and around both sides of the electric mains. The limit it set at 20 meters for 110-kilowatt mains, at 25 meters for 220-kilowatt ones, and at 30 meters for 500-kilowatt ones. Anything that happens within the area must get the power engineers’ authorization, be it construction, repairs, demolition, mining, explosive work, melioration, or planting/cutting down of trees and shrubs. Besides, no supersize trucks or appliances that are over 4.5 meters high are allowed in the area,’ the press service says.

The company’s energy technicians, who are in charge of providing safe and reliable power supply to end users, call for special attention to warning signs and billboards and for adhering to safety rules when near power facilities.

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