ChelPipe Chair Andrei Komarov Takes Part in Speakers Nights Skolkovo

23 March 2018 (12:06)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 23, 2018. ChelPipe Group shareholder and Chair of the BOD Andrei Komarov took part in Speakers Nights in Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO on March 20. Around five hundred people came to event, the company press service reports.

During his public lecture, Komarov talked about the origin of their White-Coated Metallurgy as a concept, about how the company philosophy affected their business performance indicators, about the challenges the business faced when introducing new industrial production standards, and about the incentives that can help encourage companies to invest in vocational training.

‘If we aim for fast and efficient changes in the current secondary vocational education system, we need to involve businesses themselves in this, as is the case in the West. Our specific proposal is to offer a one-time tax relief, which will enable a company to invest money in schools and personnel training,’ Komarov said.

There was a Q&A session following the lecture; some of the questions Komarov answered were related to the company’s plans for the near future.

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