ChelPipe Group Opens New Exhibition

14 March 2018 (09:22)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 14, 2018. ChelPipeGroup is holding White Coated Metallurgy: The Power of Transformation Exhibition at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

The exhibition reflects the company’s unique approach to production and its philosophy of transformation through White Coated Metallurgy; there are several sections to look at — painting, graphic works, photography, interior design, architecture, and multimedia. The exhibition takes off on March 12 and will be open to visitors through May 7, 2018.

‘Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is one of the leading international platforms for introduction of up-to-date training programs and new teaching techniques for businesses. Last year, the school hosted a number of programs targeted at boosting ChelPipe Group’s top managers intellectual and managerial potential; the company intends to keep working here this year as well. We are grateful to the school management for this opportunity to present our unique philosophy and corporate culture with its special approach to business administration, production, industrial space, human capital, and the environment to the school’s students, teachers, and visitors — representatives of Russian and international companies, business owners, and national and international management gurus),’ said ChelPipe Group’s shareholder Andrei Komarov.

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