ChPZ Group Sponsors Children’s Singing School in Chelyabinsk

27 February 2018 (11:35)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 26, 2018. A Children’s Singing School opened within M.I. Glinka Chelyabinsk State Opera House with support from ChTPZ Group shareholder Andrei Komarov, the company press service reports.

The singing school stems from the Children’s Musical School. The goal is to ensure the development of gifted young locals’ potential.

‘The children will learn signing, acting, choreography, and elocution with the help of experienced teachers, directors, choreographers, and musicians. The theater provided a special room to coordinate these classes. Students from Children’s Singing School will be able to perform on stage alongside professional actors and take part in this year’s new projects. Thanks to ChTPZ Group’s financial support, classes are free for the children,’ the press service says.

There are currently some forty students studying at the school, with new student enrollment starting March 5. Eligible to apply are children aged 6-16 who got auditioned at M.I. Glinka Chelyabinsk State Opera House. To sign up for the auditions, please go to (look for Children’s Signing School) between February 26 and March 4.

‘The new school will offer talented children more opportunities to be creative and work on their singing skills and acting potential. Studying under the best local teachers will help the young performers learn singing techniques, professional diction, and get ready for actual concert performances,’ says Chair of Chelyabinsk State Opera House’s Board of Trustees and ChTPZ Group shareholder Andrei Komarov.

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