New Polymeric Production Facilities Launched in Novouralsk

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 9, 2018. Polymeric Composite Materials Center/CentroTech (a member of Rosatom’s TVEL) launched three new production sites for making various items from polymeric composite materials, TVEL’s press service reports.

The new facilities will be used for spraying of seamless, abrasion-proof coatings (meant to protect the surface of an item from mechanical damage), spraying of gel coats (i.e. modified resins used in composite material coating), and multi-faceted processing of glass-carbon plastics (spraying, injection, and winding).

CentroTech’s new produce is quite popular with machine-builders and customers in the metallurgical, chemical, and oil and gas sectors. For one, the company now makes several new types of goods such as a multi-purpose, multiway containers with fire-proof, heat-insulated inner surface, high-pressure tanks, heavy-duty atomizer cones and air drag shields, formed parts made from fiberglass plastic, and special shells and casings for radio electronic equipment.

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