CentroTech Makes Polymeric Containers for Zirconium

30 January 2019 (09:16)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 30, 2019. Rosatom/TVEL Corporation’s Novouralsk-based member enterprise CentroTech Scientific & Production Association is now working on polymeric containers for mechanical and climatic damage-proof transportation of TVEL Corporation’s Chepetsky Mechanical Plant’s zirconium-based products, Ural Electrochemical Combine’s press service reports.

CentroTech only uses the most up-to-date equipment meant for processing of polymeric and composite materials to make the containers, relies on a unique combination of various materials in the different layers of a particular item, and makes sure the end product has proper market value.

The company says their work is quite sophisticated in that they need to set up the most efficient process flow and select the best available technology for making large-size containers. This also means having to choose the most suitable container structure for the 3-meter-long container to avoid damage to the container itself and ensure a longer lifespan. Choosing the best technology also means that the container-making equipment can get used multiple times with less processing effort and that the containers will take less time to manufacture.

‘This is the first time CentroTech is completing an order like this; this is an opportunity to gain plenty of useful technological and production experience and to improve our production chains for other kinds of produce made from polymeric and composite materials. We’ll use this project as the basis for our work on innovative products for Rosatom Corporation and external customers,’ says CentroTech’s Director-General Ilya Kavelashvili.

The company will keep coordinating all the design documentation issues with the customer through the end of January 2019. Following this, a pilot batch of containers will get made so that the product’s performance parameters can get assessed. The set of 1,000 containers must get commissioned by the end of February 2020.

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