MMK Brings Down Environmental Impact

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, February 1, 2018. A new naphthalenic particle distillation processing unit was launched at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Coke & By-Product Process Department’s Chemicals Trapping & Recycling Section recently, the company press service reports.

The unit is expected to double the plant’s commercial naphthalene production output and to reduce its environmental impact significantly as well.

‘We used to make some 7,500,000 kg of commercial naphthalene a year, but now, thanks to the new unit and the new technology we are using, the output will rise to 15,000,000 kg a year. MMK will be able to make a full range of both liquid and solid commercial naphthalene products (concentration: 97.5% or higher). The good news is, the new production process involves no atmospheric emissions whatsoever,’ the press service says.

The plant started working on research and input data development for the new naphthalenic particle processing technology in 2012. Based on a tender held in November 2015, a contract was signed with Zavkom Engineering to work on the project.

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